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Celebrating the Stars of the MLK Classic and 11th Region Boys Championships

Let's look back on two action-packed tournaments that happened this past weekend in Lexington, KY. The MLK Classic and the 11th Region Boys Championships were a showcase of incredible young talent, where the spirit of competition and the joy of basketball came alive. Dive in as we recap the thrilling moments and applaud the teams that shined.

The MLK Classic

This year's MLK classic ran from January 12 to 14th at the Sportcentre in Lexington, KY. Both travel and school teams battled it out to crown a champion!

3rd Grade Champions

The 3rd Grade Championship set the stage with the South Oldham Dragons showcasing their prowess, leading to a well-earned victory. Kudos to the Glasgow Elite, who displayed remarkable skill and determination as the runner-up.

6th Grade Champions

In the Girls 6th Grade Championship, Win City Elite emerged as the champions, playing with unparalleled zeal and coordination. The Lincoln Ice were right on their heels, securing the runner-up spot with their formidable play. Hats off to these young basketball stars!

11th Region Boys Championships

At the same time as the MLK Classic, the 11th Region Boys Championship was also being held at the Sportcentre in Lexington! School teams from grades 6 through 8 battled it out in their own division to be the last team standing!

8th Grade Champions

In the 8th grade division, the stage was set for an epic showdown, with LCA seizing the championship in a display of outstanding basketball finesse. Royal Spring earned their runner-up title with a strong and resilient performance.

7th Grade Champions

The 7th-grade division came down to a battle between Lexington Catholic and EJ Hayes. In a closely contested battle, Lexington Catholic clinched the championship, demonstrating skill and teamwork. The runner-up, EJ Hayes, also showed exceptional talent and sportsmanship.

6th Grade Champions

In the 6th Grade division, it was Southern took home the championship with their dynamic and spirited gameplay. Lexington Catholic earned their spot as the runner-up, showing great resolve and skill on the court.

Join the Excitement!

Are you inspired by the achievements of these young athletes? Do you want your team to be part of this incredible basketball journey? Visit KBC Hoops Tournaments and sign up for the upcoming events. Embrace the opportunity to compete, grow, and possibly become the next KBC Hoops legend!


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