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Courtside Champions: Celebrating Success at the 2024 KBC Breeder's Cup Classic

By: Brett Farrelly, KBC Insider

Location: Lexington, KY – The Sports Center & Frederick Douglass High School

This year's KBC Breeder's Cup Classic in Lexington brought together the brightest young basketball stars for a weekend of spirited competition and camaraderie. Hosted at The Sports Center and Frederick Douglass High School, the event showcased the skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship of tomorrow's basketball heroes. With action across a variety of different ages, let's dive in to see the winners of the weekend!


10th Grade Boys Division

Champions: 606 Elite

Runner-Up: Lakers Elite

Final Score: 74-34

606 Elite displayed excellent teamwork and skill, earning them a well-deserved victory in the 10th Grade Boys’ division.

9th Grade Girls Division

Champions: Lady Magic

Runner-Up: Hoya Elite - McGuire

Final Score: 36-15

Lady Magic demonstrated great focus and determination, leading them to a victorious performance against the Lady Hoya team!

11th Grade Boys Division

Champions: BGE Breds

Runner-Up: Monsta's

Final Score: 53-46

In a tightly contested match, the BGE Breds showed great poise and resilience to secure a win over the Monsta's, capping off a thrilling weekend for the team.

3rd Grade Boys Division

Champions: Douglas Park Bulls

Runner-Up: Team Lockdown

Final Score: 21-12

The Douglas Park Bulls played with enthusiasm and joy, capturing the championship in a fun-filled match against Team Lockdown.

4th Grade Boys Division

Champions: Charlotte Court

Runner-Up: South KY Ignite

Final Score: 28-9

Charlotte Court impressed with their teamwork on offence and played strong defence, winning the final and their division in a runaway.

5th Grade Boys Division

Champions: Team Rize Gold

Runner-Up: Team Rize Black

Final Score: 42-13

The final between Team Rize Gold and Team Rize Black was a showcase of talent within the Team Rize organization, with the Gold team coming out on top.

6th Grade Boys Division

Champions: PTIO

Runner-Up: Lexington Cave Gym Elite

Final Score: 48-29

PTIO’s commitment and hard work paid off as they triumphed over Lexington Cave Gym Elite in an energetic match.

7th Grade Boys Division

Champions: Vision Elite

Runner-Up: Dews Elite

Final Score: 44-34

Vision Elite executed their game plan beautifully, achieving a well-earned victory against the Dews Elite team travelling in from Cincinnati!

7th Grade Girls Division

Champions: Team Rize

Runner-Up: Hoya Elite

Final Score: 32-22

Team Rize played with determination and teamwork, which led to a 10-point victory in the final over Hoya Elite!

8th Grade Boys Division

Champions: 606 Elite

Runner-Up: Midwest Basketball Club

Final Score: 39-30

The 606 Elite program brought home a pair of titles as the organization took home the title in the 8th-grade division in a nail-biting finish over the Midwest Basketball Club.

The 2024 KBC Breeder's Cup Classic was a wonderful celebration of the skills and sportsmanship inherent in youth basketball. Congratulations to all the young athletes who participated, showing that the future of basketball is indeed bright and promising. Well done to all!

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